Water feature / Fountain

At the end of a hard day, everyone could use some stress relief and relaxation. Soothing sounds of water flowing could relieve you of your stress whether it is your office, your favourite room, garden, or patio. Water features and landscaping can transform any space, home or offices into inspirational area with timeless designs, making nature a part of your space. Enjoy the therapeutic effects and relax by watching the water cascading and the ripples in the water. Let the magic begins with customised water lights!


You will surprised at how the soft flowing water sound can actually drown out the noise of the traffic or the neighbour above walking loudly nightly. With a water feature, the sound of the ripples will help you relax and drown out other sounds around you.


Do you know that the electronic gadgets emit negative ions in our homes and offices and apparently hours of negative ion exposure may reduce symptoms of depression. Well, indoor water fountains also can improve your home or office with more negative ions as well as reducing the air pollution because dust is attracted by the negative ions, therefore the water feature is actively purifying the air. Not only you get to rejuvenate at the sound of the cascading water, you breathe fresher air, too.


Relax and enjoy the therapeutic effects by watching the cascading water and the ripples. Nothing is complete without customised under water lights which turn areas into a magical sight!


Listen to the magical sound of water, creating a hypnotic, soothing and healing effect. Close your eyes, create your own symphony, relax and admire your customised water feature.


Lowering the temperature on a hot day, the sensational cooling effect of your water feature makes your chill, calm and cool.

By attentively listening, styling, recommending, our team will incorporate ideas and concepts to transform your area into a breathtaking space with the following in mind:

  • Use Lightweight materials for areas with weight loading issues.
  • Designed to ensure ease-of-maintenance.
  • Materials used are strong and durable.
  • Prompt and effective after-sales services.

Let the magic of water begins!