Who we are

Internexus is a unique water feature and landscape company who has been around for the past 18 years.

Our team of innovative designers create value by providing exclusive and creative designs and products to home owners, corporate companies and hotels.

You can rely on us to listen attentively to your request, style and recommend while we transform your area into an inspirational space! Not only can we conceptualise breath-taking designs, to ensure we live up to our reputation, we also manufacture our products to ensure we deliver good quality and durable products. You can be rest assured that we deliver projects that are unique and cost efficient.

Vision & Mission

We aim to provide the best possible solution to our customers.  We are honest and reliable and customers can count on our creativity to transform their space into a work-of-art, bringing nature closer to them.

What we do

Let our designers help you customise any design you desires. Our expertise includes design and construct both indoor and outdoor water features, portable pools, spas, lights, planter boxes and outdoor accessories. We can also install wooden decking and wooden trellis, make alterations to existing water features and pond. We can also assist in providing servicing and maintenance of water features and ponds.

For businesses, we also export water features. Our exclusive designs are unique and we have ultimate control over our products quality and durability. And most importantly, ease-of-use and requires little maintenance. Our team is creative and innovative and always has new ideas and concepts endlessly sprouting.

Why choose us?

We create value by providing exclusive products and designs that cannot be found anywhere else to home owners, corporate companies and hotels.