Light weight water feature

Weight loading is a major hurdle when you want to build your inspirational water feature and landscape in roof terraces, condominiums, balconies and planter areas.


Dreaming of growing your own vegetables and plants, enjoying organic veggie without pesticide or herbicides with no soil-borne disease? Both fish and plants can coexist to create a totally natural and sustainable Aquaponics that mimics the natural process of Earth.

Water feature / Fountain

At the end of a hard day, everyone could use some stress relief and relaxation. Soothing sounds of water flowing could relieve you of your stress whether it is your office, your favourite room, garden, or patio.

Koi / Fish pond

We can design an unconventional water feature that can double-up as a fish pond to suit every space, capitalising on our long-standing experience.

Trellis / Decking

To complete the whole look of your outdoor oasis, we can help you get the right wood to ensure they are aesthetically pleasing and durable at the same time. We will recommend the appropriate type of wood to be used for maximum lifespan according to your budget.


We design and produce interesting and realistic artificial rocks of different shapes and sizes for place with weight loading a accessibility issues in-house.