Dreaming of growing your own vegetables and plants, enjoying organic veggie without pesticide or herbicides with no soil-borne disease? Both fish and plants can coexist to create a totally natural and sustainable Aquaponics that mimics the natural process of Earth.

By utilising aquatic animals waste such as fish, prawns or crayfish which accumulate in the water increasing toxicity, these nutrients rich water is fed into a hydroponic system where Ammonia waste is broken down by *nitrifying bacteria into nitrites and nitrates. They are then utilised by plants (the nitrogen cycle). Water is recirculated back to the pond 'cleaned’.

Filtration area for fish pond needs to be adequate, providing enough *nitrifying bacteria to handle fish waste. By combining hydroponic system to the pond significantly reduces the need for substantial space for filtration. This valuable space thus can be converted into additional space for fish.

We can provide aesthetically designed fish ponds to your discerning taste concurrently help you to promote sustainable agriculture by turning fish waste into food for your plants or veggies. This way, you get to enjoy organic produce and nature at the comfort of your home.

*Nitrifying bacteria convert the most reduced form of soil nitrogen, ammonia, into its most oxidized form, nitrate. In itself, this is important for soil ecosystem function, in controlling losses of soil nitrogen through leaching and denitrification of nitrate.