Light weight water feature

Weight loading is a major hurdle when you want to build your inspirational water feature and landscape in roof terraces, condominiums, balconies and planter areas.

We are here to help you address these issues using a well-thought designed and carefully selecting the use of materials to transform void spaces into inspirational work-of-art. Leveraging your space with innovative designs and bringing nature closer to you.

Do you know that the use fiberglass to construct ponds and planter boxes dramatically reduce weight by as much as 70%-80% when compared to building a concrete pond.

Fibreglass was originally used for the boating industry but now, it is effectively used to build ponds and pools. It has proven to be one of the most versatile material, because of its strength and flexibility. Ponds made from fibreglass require little maintenance, because it is not porous as compared to concrete pond, therefore, it discourages algae growth.

We use artificial rocks in GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) that looks great because they are lighter in weight than the real ones. GRC is a stone made from multiple of elements including fibreglass, that is light, tough and flexible. Therefore, using GRC for benches and chairs, is strong to be sat and yet light enough for terraces and balconies.

With Internexus’ team of professionals, careful planning and considerations to respective needs, turning space into inspirational art is now achievable.