Servicing of pond / water feature

Free assessment of current pond/water feature on-site.

Recommendation of changes or alterations where appropriate.

Recommendation of the frequency of maintenance and job scope required.

Landscape concept design

The key to a thoughtful outdoor oasis design whether it is a small balcony, an office, or sprawling estate, is the meticulous

Concept creation through design and thorough brainstorming sessions with our customers. To transform your area to a truly inspiring oasis, making the most of the space you have, is definitely no challenge for us. No project is too small or big for us. We are here to make every step of your dream closer. We offer inputs at the conceptual stage, connecting landscape with architecture design and its system, exploring synergies and flows. At Internexus, the sky is the limit. Other than designing, we are also manufacturer, hence the strength of our team is coming up with endless ideas and concepts with viable art integrating well with the concepts. Allow us to help you pave way to better landscape design.

Alteration of existing asset

Transformation and rejuvenation of existing pond and water feature.

Resolving your existing problems pertaining to your pond and water feature.

Improving your filtration systems of ponds.