Light Weight Water Feature

Weight loading is a major hurdle of having an inspirational water feature and landscape in roof terraces, condominiums, balconies and planter areas.

With a well designed and selective use of materials, not only can we cross the hurdle of weight but also transform void spaces into inspirational works of art. Bringing greenery and nature into homes encourages home owner to climb flight of stairs where their rewarding space awaits!

Use of materials such as fiberglass when constructing ponds and planter boxes dramatically reduce it's weight by as much as 70%-80% when compared with concrete pond.

What was originally used for the boating industry is now effectively used for ponds and pools. It has proven itself to be one of the most versatile material. Fiberglass is strong and flexible and requires little maintenance discouraging algae growth as it is not porous when compared with concrete pond.

Artificial rocks in GRC looks great while discounting the weight with the use of the real ones. GRC rocks can replace benches and chairs it is strong enough to be sat yet light enough for terraces and balconies.

With careful planning and considerations to respective needs, turning space into inspirational art is now achievable.